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Tianjin Shencheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to production, research and development, and sales of auto packaging machines, particle packaging machines, combination of automatic packaging machines, powder packaging machines, pocket tea packaging machines, weighing filling machines, miscellaneous grains, miscellaneous grains Packaging machine, multi -function packaging machine, tablet packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, steel ball packaging machine, internal and external bag automatic packaging machine, tea packaging machine, Xiaomi packaging machine, granules called heavy irrigation machine, paste body, paste body Installing machine, vacuum feeder, spiral machine, screw packaging machine, conveyor belt, heating bag automatic packaging machine, desiccant packaging machine, silicone packaging machine, foot sticker packaging machine, heating bag automatic packaging machine, etc. Products are widely applied to small and medium -sized bag packaging of food, medicine, chemical, seeds, daily chemicals, miscellaneous grains, condiments, tea, Chinese medicine tablets, pesticides and other industries. There are also a variety of sealing forms such as three -sided sealing, back sealing, four -sided sealing, pillow type, bags in the bag, and triangular bags. The product configuration is advanced, easy to operate, and the appearance is all stainless steel. High -precision sensor, accurate, efficient, stable, and meet the requirements of GMP and QS certification in pharmaceutical and food companies.

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