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The development of carton packaging carton printing process

At present, my country's corrugated carton printing methods are diverse. There are mainly plastic printing, flexible version of direct printing, soft version or concave pre -printing, silk net printing, and digital printing methods that have just risen in recent years.

Among them, corrugated carton ink soft version printing has occupied the main market of carton printing in terms of market, ink, printing pressure, and printing efficiency. The printing process is an important process of processing of the rear processes of the corrugated carton. For a long time, the main form of the corrugated carton as a single transportation packaging is widely used, which also determines that its printing and processing stay in the simple line text printing stage. Not getting faster development. However, with the continuous development of the packaging market, the single transportation function of the carton has gradually changed to sales functions, and consumers' purchase psychology and aesthetic concepts have also changed; the continuous growth of export products has also forced domestic carton production Later processing requirements are getting higher and higher, and on the other hand, the environmental performance of the product has also been put forward.

Carton packaging printing

The tile carton is responsible for the dual tasks of commodity transportation, product display and promotion. The color is getting more and more eye -catching, and the pattern printing is more and more exquisite. Only in this way can it attract customers' interest and stimulate the desire to buy. This requires that the corrugated carton meets the strength and has excellent surface printing quality. Multi -color color printing gradually becomes the development direction of carton printing in the future.