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TCM decoction pieces packaging machineNumber: F004


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TCM decoction pieces packaging machineNumber: F004

Technical Parameter

Applied to the packaging of various particle materials and irregular materials, such as TCM decoction pieces, chips, rice crust, etc. The packaging bag can use the back-side sealing (three-side sealing or four-side sealing). The whole machine uses all stainless steel material, and can meet the requirements of various certifications.

This machine uses the most advanced PLC control man-machine interface touch screen and cursor positioning, and can monitor the product’s packaging speed, counting, etc., with simple operation, small noise and stable performance. It is widely applied to the packaging of such industries as foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, seeds, etc., for example, various blocky, deformed, non-viscous, loose particle materials, including TCM decoction pieces, medlar, prawn slices, candy, tea, rice crust, etc. The materials are placed into the chain-driven hopper for the manual weighing. The machine can automatically complete bag-making, sealing, discharging, cutting, cursor tracking, counting, air inflating or air deflating, etc. Moreover, it can be equipped with a coding equipment, such as ribbon coding machine, ink roll coding machine, heat transfer printing coding machine and ink-jet printer.
Packaging materials: Various heat-sealable composite materials, such as cellophane/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, aluminum foil/polyethylene, tea filter paper, etc.

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