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Printer maintenance

  The printing machine is one of the most used equipment in all the equipment in the printing plant. To ensure the normal operation of the printing machine, daily maintenance and maintenance is essential and necessary. Below from the following several aspects of a simple talk about the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

Static maintenance

The static maintenance of the printer is the maintenance of the machine in a static state.
  1 to establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of machinery. The maintenance of an offset press should be based on the specification of the machine. Such as cleaning, regular oil filter, regular testing machine precision etc..
  2 to strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gears, cams, gears, rollers and bearings are the most important parts of the printing machine, and the maintenance of them should be different from the other parts, because the change of their accuracy will affect the final. Precision level of spring is one of the components with the most force balance mechanism in the machine, the quality of their work directly determines the moving parts cooperate with each other, the spring must be sensitive elastic, anelastic and unrecoverable plastic deformation of the spring is extremely unfavorable. If it is found that the above problems need to be replaced immediately. Harm of solvent residue in printing process
  3 to carry out technical reform, to strengthen the maintenance of machinery. Machine maintenance requirements of the machine in the design of the full consideration of the convenience of machine maintenance. But because of the complexity of the printing machine, it is not possible to take every factor into consideration, and the contents of the machine maintenance will be changed obviously. Therefore, it is not conducive to the maintenance of the structure of the structure does not affect the normal work under the premise to be improved.

Dynamic maintenance
  The dynamic maintenance of the printing press is the maintenance of the machine in the dynamic state. Machine static maintenance is the premise of the dynamic maintenance of the machine, while the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn detect the level of machine maintenance. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is very important. Below from a few aspects to analyze the main contents of the machine under dynamic conditions.
  1 machine ready state detection. How the machine is in the ready state, by moving or turning point detection. Such as tools and other items in the machine card; the printing plate installation position is appropriate, if not suitable is may make the printing plate damage or to find the rules and brought great difficulties; rubber cloth installation is appropriate, if not suitable, may cause printing fault, serious when may enable or damaged by the machine.
  2 the lubrication state of the machine. First of all, through the oil standard observation of the oil circuit is smooth, such as the oil standard without oil or oil standard is not clear, it should be an emergency stop carefully check the oil flow is the existence of oil leakage phenomenon. It is easy to observe the oil leakage of the machine, but it is difficult to find the reason. For the use of sliding bearings and the like of the machine, low speed is not conducive to the lubrication, especially the point moving or low speed operation of the impact of its lubrication. So before such an operation, best first idling machine lubrication, which is before the daily work should be a priority. Some of the oil pump is driven by the host, and thus when the counter point, not only can not fuel oil, but the oil will be sucked back into the oil tank, which is very dangerous, so it should avoid the point. For some of the more important parts of the lubrication can also be detected near the metal temperature, such as temperature is too high, that there is a problem of lubrication. Common faults and troubleshooting of gravure printing gold and silver ink.
  3 impact of machine operation. In the process of machine operation, the smaller the impact, the more conducive to printing, but also to extend the service life of the machine. Reduce printing pressure (generalized pressure) is an important condition to ensure the smooth running of the machine, in the premise of ensuring the quality of printed matter, the smaller the better the printing pressure. Reducing the machine speed is another important condition to reduce the inertia of the machine, the lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia, so that the machine is not always in a high speed.
  Part of daily maintenance and maintenance of above aspects just printing machine, printing machine maintenance and maintenance quality of high and low, a direct impact on the service life of the product and the quality of printing machine and therefore can not be taken lightly.